Five Steps To Successful Web Marketing And Sales Process!

Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

The basic principles used successfully by brick and mortar storefronts in moving your potential clients through a successful sales process is also the most effective way on the web.

But how?

You do this by following the five step process in your marketing strategy by attracting potential clients, building trust, helping them choose the right product, presenting the product, and
then closing the sale.

Step One- Marketing / prospecting:

Prospecting is the delivery of qualified visitors to your website. It can be achieved by many forms, such as, search engine marketing, pay-per-clicks, and e-mail advertising that draw people to your site.

Once they are there, it's your responsibility to show them how your product can fill the void in the marketplace and what sets your product apart from the rest. Deliver your 'Unique Selling Proposition', USP.

Step two- Building trust:

Just like in a brick and mortar business where you greet a person when they walk in the door or physically help them find what they are looking for, you can build trust by doing similar things on your website by the elements that surround the design and development of your website.

Your visitor is unconsciously judging your credibility by asking themselves the following questions:

1. Does the website have the feel and look of a legitimate company?
2. Is it easy to find the company contact information?
3. How is the copy on the site?
4. How fast does it download, and are there any broken links?
5. Is there a privacy policy posted on the site?
6. Is it easy to navigate?

Step three- Help the buyer:

If you have done your prospecting right, the visitors coming to your website are hoping to find a solution to their problem. The solution can be a product or a service. Internet marketing studies show that 7 out of 10 visitors are ready to buy. They are only looking for a vendor who they find more helpful.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you helping your visitors to identify and find the solution to their problem?
2. Are you guiding them to find the solution by easy to find information, and navigation?

Step four- Present the product:

Before you present your product, make sure that you have already helped the buyer by identifying with their needs in the previous stage. When you present your product or service to your visitor be sure to keep their attention and their interest by motivating them to continue with the sale.

Step five- Successfully close the sale:

Look at each of the products that you offer and ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you assuring them by giving guarantees?
2. Does your description answer all their questions?
3. Are you giving them feed back and testimonials from your clients?
4. Do you take credit cards, if so which ones?
5. What happens after they purchase?

Take the guess work out of the purchase process.

If you court your visitors by the five steps above, you'll see better conversions, and increased profits.


Increase Traffic with a Good Title

There's such a thing as taking search engine optimization too far. I'm not talking about black hat versus white hat, things that might get you banned versus staying pristine. I'm talking about keyword stuffing in the title. As far as search engine optimization goes, there's nothing wrong with it. You might very well make it to #1 with a title like "Widgets, Black Widgets, Home Widgets, Cheap Widgets."

But who's going to click on that?

Oh, I'm sure some people will. But I'm betting the guy who's at #3 with "Widget Information" is
going to get more visitors.

Sometimes we webmasters spend so much time trying to second-guess the search engines that we forget potential visitors, people, are the ones we really need to impress. Yes, it's important to get onto that first page of search engine results, but once you're there, think of ways to entice people with your titles.

I'm not saying to get rid of keywords in your titles altogether; instead, take your main keyword and work your title around it.

So, what makes a good title?

First off, get rid of the mass of keywords separated by commas. If people were looking for synonyms, they'd grab a thesaurus rather than popping onto Google. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of the person looking for information on widgets. If you were the one doing the looking, what kind of title would attract you?

You really can't go wrong with Keyword Information or some variation of that title. After all, that's what most people are looking for, information. However, that can be a bit dry.

You may want to consider employing what writers call a hook. This is something that grabs your attention and makes you want to continue reading in order to satisfy your curiosity. Journalists employ this method all the time to increase newspaper sales.

Some examples might be:

Widgets, Bad for Your Health?

Are Widgets Safe for Your Children?

Widgets Increase Sales... If Used Correctly

Be creative. Whatever you do, make sure your titles are cohesive. Think like your visitors, not like the search engines. Lure the visitor into clicking on your site instead of the nine other sites listed on the search engine results page. You might just be surprised at the increase in traffic you receive.


The BEST Free Internet Marketing Secret

If you have ever wanted to discover how you can use the BEST online marketing tactic to promote your Web Site for free, now it's your chance to learn the amazing tactic that I'm using on a regular basis to generate tons of instant visitors to my Web Site(s).

FACT: everyone knows that CONTENT is king online. When using articles as the media of your online marketing, you eliminate the need for high cost advertising.

In fact, article publishing is a profitable tactic that you can use it for free. The paid costs are for various article submission services that help you to SAVE time and money and put your article promotion on autopilot.

One thing is for sure - with a well written, content-rich article, you are pretty
sure that what you are unleashing is nothing but a surge flow of targeted traffic to your Web Site.

Here's why: once your article is published on various Web Sites, you'll notice a constat stream of new visitors hitting your Web Site. With the proper article promotion this can get spread like wildfire all over the Internet because there's a high chance that your article can be picked by others and published on loads of other Web Sites, for weeks, months and even years to come.

That's the real beauty of article publishing.

Be aware: a poor written article, with typos and errors will not get published on reputable online web site and article directories.

I suggest you proofedit your article before you submit it on the Internet. More than that, I highly recommend that you include no advertisement within your article.

HINT: articles looking like sales letters won't be published online, trust me on this.

If you're serious about writing a professional article that will get picked by major web sites into your niche field, you'd better take into consideration these 3 quick tips:

TIP # 1 - Create An Eye-Catching Title

A capturing title will always attract attention to your target audience. Make sure you spy on your competitors article titles and come up with better titles.

TIP # 2 - Create Killer Content

A top-notch article will always start with a grabbing introduction and finish with a grabbing conclusion.

Your focus is to keep the article flow from one paragraph to the next. Make it interesting and don't bore the reader.

Use short, concise sentences. Take this article as an example.

TIP # 3 - Create The Ultimate Resource Box

Here comes the most exciting part: if your article is accepted and published by an online web site or publication (e.g. Newsletter/eZine) it's going to bring you FREE traffic to your Web Site. Here's how - the article bio (resource box) that is attached at the bottom of your content (article) contains a brief overview of you, your web site and/or business.

Here's a resource box example:

John S. is the creator of "Top Marketing Tactics". He publishes a weekly online marketing eZine titled Top Marketing Tricks. Sign-Up FREE Now (A $49 VALUE) at: top-marketing-tactics dot com (here you add your url!)

This is a fake example to show you how a killer resource box should look like. This is how you're going to capture your readers interest about you and your offer.

Just last month I received over 500 unique visitors to one of my niche Web Sites, so this tactic works like crazy. Try it for yourself and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to get published online for free via article marketing and promotion.


Search Engine Promotion - - - Be Sure To Go Overseas!

They call it the World Wide Net, so why just concentrate your firm’s search engine submissions on U.S. search engines?

The main reason to get your real estate website listed on the foreign websites is: Good foreign search engine rankings will generate new clients!

This is especially true if your firm is located in a major metropolitan area. Here is some of the actual business created directly from our top foreign search engine rankings: Potential new immigrants, business persons considering setting up
a business office, foreign nationals considering immigration, and a foreign couple whose son got arrested in Orange County and they needed to contact a local Orange County attorney to help.

Why heed my advice? Well, let’s add some real world credibility to back-up my advice. So how does our own main legal website rank on foreign search engines? We have many number one page placements. Below are just a few of our PAGE ONE foreign search engine rankings for the very competitive phrase Orange county attorneys on our Los Angeles-Orange County legal website;

AOL-UK - Sympatico (Canada – MSN-UK – MSN-France – MSN Germany Google Mexico - Google UK - Google Germany - Google Japan

Check today to see if your website is listed on the top foreign search engines. A good starting point is to check the engines hyper-linked above. Perhaps the best way to obtain high foreign search engine standings is to first achieve top ranking on the major US search engines.

Before a quest for higher rankings, you should obtain a comprehensive report on your site’s current page one through page three search standings. You need a base-line or starting point to see if your efforts are effective. An example of such a detailed report can be viewed at:

To enhance your report’s usefulness, I would suggest that you run the same report for your biggest legal competitor. This report will then give you not only a benchmark but a set of goals to strive for.

The second important report you should run is a link popularity report. Good quality incoming links are vital to top search engine ranking. Here again it is imperative to run this report against your local competitors. An example of such a detailed report can be viewed at:

Investing in improving your law firm’s search engines standings could become the most cost effective career investment you make.

Copyright 2006 Promotions Unlimited. All rights reserved.


Take a Look Into The Future of SEO

You will always walk one step behind Google. But what if you could guess what Google would do in the future with their algos? Then you're a step further then Google! But how can you look into the future? Well, very simple, just look what Google did over the past.

The past

Google liked inbound links to your website, if you had a lot of good links to your page it would get a high ranking. Then webmasters thought
of something, some kind of deal between websites: linkexchanges. Website A linked to Website B and Website B linked back to Website A. This way they could manipulate the search engine result pages by exchanging links with eachother.

Googles reaction

Google's reaction on this new sort of marketing was to decrease value of inbound links from linkexchanges.

You can do this action-reaction thing with multiple SEO happenings of the past and see that google always decreased or increased the value of other factors in search engine optimization.

So let's look into the future now...

The future

It's always a race of SEO's against the search engines. And the SEO's have found something new right now, automated linkbuilding. The coop ( and linkvault ( are well known by many people and is no black hat SEO. It's simple and effective. Because with only one link per page on your site you get a lot of links to your site back from other domains. But most of those links are not really relative to your site. So what Google probably would do is decrease the weight of irrelevant links and increase the weight of relevant links. They allready done that but the gap would probably become bigger.

And if you speculate a little more you will come to a conclusion that age is going to be a bigger factor in Google because it's the only thing webmasters can't manipulate.

Also, Google will probably give more weight to 'in-content' links then to those link lists at the bottom of your page.

So, be aware of Google's and YOUR future as a SEO and think forward.


The Power of Article Submission

If you're a webmaster, one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate traffic to your website is through article submission. Sometimes one well written article is all that it takes to propel your website to new heights, as is the case with one article I wrote called "Achieving Optimum Health".

After almost five years of webmastering a website for self improvement and doing all kinds of things to get my site noticed, this article literally transformed my online life from one on life support to a progressively profitable online business.

I wrote this article sometime back and submitted it first to and a few other sites. From there, the article was picked up by
other webmasters who posted it on their websites. From these new websites, the same process repeated itself... other webmasters picked it up, posted it on their sites and more webmasters picked it up and it goes on and on. It has a viral effect.

How does that benefit me or my website?

For a start, since every webmaster who posted my article on his or her site is required to retain my website link on the resource box, it increases my in-coming links. As you know, more in-coming links to my website means better ranking with Google since it is an indicator of my site popularity and relevancy.

In addition, all these in-coming links increase my website visitors and traffic, and therefore increases my ranking with Alexa.

The best part is that all these increased traffics increase my Google Adsense earnings as well as my affiliate earnings. In addition, all these exposure also increase my visibility on the Internet and raised my profile as well as my authority in the area I wrote about. Also, my newsletter subscriber base expanded.

To actually see how powerful all these are, do these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to Google Search at

2. Cut and Paste these search terms into the search box (including the " at the beginning and the end).

"Achieving Optimum Health"+"Tim Ong"

3. Click on the search button.

The results generated will show you that this article - Achieving Optimum Health - of mine is presently being published in more than a hundred websites and directories all over the Net.

Can you imagine what that kind of exposure can do for your online business?


A Novel Free-For All Idea

Almost anyone who has tried submitting to free-for-all sites will say that they are no longer worth the effort as a traffic generating tool.

Automated FFA submissions to "millions" of sites are also not that useful as most of these sites are only ever "visited" by automated submission scripts and not by human eyes. The only thing these auto submission tools achieve is to get
your e-mail address bombarded with "confirmation" e-mail from the FFA page owners.

Many unsuspecting users who submitted their personal e-mail address to these submission tools have suffered incredible frustrations because of the "spam" they receive. (Technically they are confirmatory e-mail that the submitters agreed to receive.)

However. one previous "victim" of confirmatory "spam" managed to turn the tables around with a very ingenious twist to the process.

He basically submitted his web site using the FFA auto submission tools and agreed to get the "millions" of confirmatory email...but submitted an e-mail address that led to an autoresponder that replied back to these emails with a "thank you for your offer which I'm considering...please have a look at my web site in the meantime" type e-mail.

Incidentally, Outlook Express also has message rule function which we can use to achieve a similar effect. Simply click on "tools", "message rules", "mail", "mail rules", "new", "where the message is from the specified account"(the e-mail account you intend to receive confirmatory "spam" with), and "reply with message", then specify the message you want to reply with.

Don't forget to also freely distribute your e-mail address to multiple mailing lists, classified ads sites, and anywhere that is likely to get your address "spammed" The best part is when "spambots", and bulk e-mail address harvesters etc. pick up your e-mail address and it gets included in those "e-mail 100000 prospects for $49.95" offers, you'll be promoting your site to many people with absolutely no effort on your part at all!

Have fun with this one.


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