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Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

If you have ever wanted to discover how you can use the BEST online marketing tactic to promote your Web Site for free, now it's your chance to learn the amazing tactic that I'm using on a regular basis to generate tons of instant visitors to my Web Site(s).

FACT: everyone knows that CONTENT is king online. When using articles as the media of your online marketing, you eliminate the need for high cost advertising.

In fact, article publishing is a profitable tactic that you can use it for free. The paid costs are for various article submission services that help you to SAVE time and money and put your article promotion on autopilot.

One thing is for sure - with a well written, content-rich article, you are pretty
sure that what you are unleashing is nothing but a surge flow of targeted traffic to your Web Site.

Here's why: once your article is published on various Web Sites, you'll notice a constat stream of new visitors hitting your Web Site. With the proper article promotion this can get spread like wildfire all over the Internet because there's a high chance that your article can be picked by others and published on loads of other Web Sites, for weeks, months and even years to come.

That's the real beauty of article publishing.

Be aware: a poor written article, with typos and errors will not get published on reputable online web site and article directories.

I suggest you proofedit your article before you submit it on the Internet. More than that, I highly recommend that you include no advertisement within your article.

HINT: articles looking like sales letters won't be published online, trust me on this.

If you're serious about writing a professional article that will get picked by major web sites into your niche field, you'd better take into consideration these 3 quick tips:

TIP # 1 - Create An Eye-Catching Title

A capturing title will always attract attention to your target audience. Make sure you spy on your competitors article titles and come up with better titles.

TIP # 2 - Create Killer Content

A top-notch article will always start with a grabbing introduction and finish with a grabbing conclusion.

Your focus is to keep the article flow from one paragraph to the next. Make it interesting and don't bore the reader.

Use short, concise sentences. Take this article as an example.

TIP # 3 - Create The Ultimate Resource Box

Here comes the most exciting part: if your article is accepted and published by an online web site or publication (e.g. Newsletter/eZine) it's going to bring you FREE traffic to your Web Site. Here's how - the article bio (resource box) that is attached at the bottom of your content (article) contains a brief overview of you, your web site and/or business.

Here's a resource box example:

John S. is the creator of "Top Marketing Tactics". He publishes a weekly online marketing eZine titled Top Marketing Tricks. Sign-Up FREE Now (A $49 VALUE) at: top-marketing-tactics dot com (here you add your url!)

This is a fake example to show you how a killer resource box should look like. This is how you're going to capture your readers interest about you and your offer.

Just last month I received over 500 unique visitors to one of my niche Web Sites, so this tactic works like crazy. Try it for yourself and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to get published online for free via article marketing and promotion.

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